Women’s Cycles Herbal Mix

$32.00 for each 28 days with 3 installments

Herbs to support a balanced menstrual cycle and emotional tenacity



Arm in Arm herb mix. Contains 2 beloved herbs: lemon balm and mugwort, glycerin and water.

Mugwort:  Mugwort has a toning, as well as stimulating effect, on the uterus: helpful with menstrual pain; irregularity and poor menstrual flow. She’ll help to bring on delayed menses. In addition, mugwort is a bitter stimulant of the digestion- aiding indigestion; poor appetite and nervous digestion, as well as helping with nervous tension and depression.

Lemon balm: a relaxing restorative to the central nervous system, and soothing to any stress-related digestive problem. Lemon balm soothes the nerves and lifts the spirits; relaxes spasm causing period pain; is tonic to the heart and circulatory system, and helps to calm an over-active thyroid.

Lemon balm and mugwort are grown in my herb garden according to organic principles, lemon balm grows abundantly and with her lemony fragrance in the air, I feel my spirits lift when I brush past. Mugwort grows strong and proud next to the lemon balm, reminding me to lift my chest and walk tall. They are made into glycetracts with time, care and patience.

Dose: half a dropper, 3 times daily in water


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