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About me

Liala GianstefaniMy name is Liala Gianstefani and I’ve been practising naturopathy and massage since 1997. I have a particular affinity with herbal medicine.

My qualifications:

The journey of healing is rarely a straight path and I provide tools and encouragement to make the travel a little easier. On a practical level, I offer remedies and advice based on my knowledge and experience, as well as evidence based use of herbs and remedies. I was educated with the intent that herbal medicine and other natural therapies have an equal place alongside conventional medicine. I live by and believe in a truly holistic approach, looking at what’s appropriate for each person’s health needs, whether it be using herbs, taking medication and/or re-discovering the joy in one’s life.

My journey into the world of natural healing started as a child. My mother used many home remedies to nurse me through the usual childhood illnesses and eczema. She understood and respected the laws of nature by allowing time for rest and recuperation, using remedies and treatments that support rather than overburden the body. It was my long experience with eczema that showed me other ways apart from standard medical practice. I saw a traditional Chinese doctor, given herbs and dietary advice but being a headstrong child I snuck in the sugar! As a teenager I saw the legendary Ruth Tricky in Melbourne (who would later become one of my teachers). She prescribed herbs, supplements and diet/lifestyle changes. I only saw Ruth twice as a patient and was erratic at following the regime, but the capacity for my body and mind to respond to naturopathic advice impressed me so much that I took up formal training at the age of 20. Since then I’ve been keenly interested in the relationship between ourselves and nature; the relationship between our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ‘bodies’ and how this impacts on our sense of well being. I’ve explored many theories and approaches to this complex subject and I’m constantly amazed at our body’s capacity for regeneration, our mind’s ability to work through problems and our capacity for kindness and gratitude even when things seem hopeless.

Healing means different things to different people and I believe that approaching whatever ails you with compassion, patience and that most over used of words: love forms the true basis of health. My inspiration comes from a love of nature and respect for each person’s experience of sickness and healing. My ultimate goal is to help my clients develop their own store of knowledge and wisdom, and to encourage their own true connection with their health and wellbeing.