About Me

I’m Liala Gianstefani and I’ve been a practicing naturopath, herbalist and massage therapist since 1997. I have a particular affinity with herbal medicine.

My journey with natural healing started early, inspired by my mother who used home remedies to nurse me through the usual childhood illnesses, but it was my long experience with a chronic condition that showed me alternatives to standard medical practice. I saw the legendary natural therapist and herbalist Ruth Tricky in Melbourne (who would later become one of my teachers). I took up formal training at the age of 20, inspired by the changes in my own health. Since then I’ve been fascinated by the relationship between our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ‘bodies’ and how this impacts on our sense of well-being.

The road of healing can be a winding one and I provide tools and encouragement to make the travel a little easier. On a practical level, I suggest remedies and advice based on my knowledge and experience, as well as evidence based use of herbs and remedies. My training recognises that herbal medicine and other natural therapies have a place alongside conventional medicine. I believe in a holistic approach, supporting what is appropriate for each person’s health needs, whether that’s using herbs, taking medication or re-discovering the joy in one’s life.

My qualifications: