Calm the Farm stress relief



When it’s all a bit much. Herbs to support a stressed-out system.

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You know the feeling: nerves are on edge; your mind won’t settle, and it’s like your system is humming- and not in a good way. And then to add insult to injury- you’re too wound up to sleep! Like botanic nurse Nightingales, this trio of resilient plant helpers will soothe your furrowed brow and gently restore a bit of calm. Our old friend St John’s wort: bringer of light in the darkness; eases anxieties and dread, allowing the nerves to do their work of carrying messages. Vervain is an excellent nervine herb and restorative to the kidneys; as well as being helpful for headaches, irritability, mood swings, PMS and menopausal symptoms. Blue vervain is particularly good for emotional and psychological wellbeing, especially relating to anxiety and feeling overwhelmed. It is useful for those who feel constantly pressured, or wound up with an inability to relax.

Dose: half a dropper, 3-6 times daily in water

  • St John’s wort (Hypericim perforatum)
  • Vervain (Verbena officinalis)
  • Blue vervain (Verbena hastata)
  • Water, ethanol, glycerin

St. John’s wort, vervain and blue vervain are all grown in my herb garden following organic principles; and made into tinctures using time, care and patience.

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