Rescue me remedy


For shock; feeling overwhelmed and out-of-body; for fear and stressful situations.


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A must for the first aid kit! I keep this in my car; in the kitchen, all within easy access. From birds flying into the window, to easing a fretful mind in the dark of night. This mix of Bach’s original combination of 5 flowers essences are up there in my top 5 of go-to remedies in acute situations. It can be used externally for calming too – I’ve used it on my cat when we had to travelling (a few drops gently rubbed on the head), every 5 mins! Or on wee babies; a drop or 2, gently rubbed on their head can do wonders to soothe.

Dose: 4 drops (2 drops for children) under the tongue or in water, 3-4 times daily, or as needed.

  • Flower essences
    • Impatiens
    • Star of Bethlehem
    • Cherry plum
    • Rock rose
    • Clematis
  • Brandy, rain water


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